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There may be situations where you can lose a permanent tooth. If you lose a permanent tooth due to an accident, and the tooth is recovered quickly enough, you may be able to have it reattached, but often too much time passes between the loss of the tooth and getting the person to a doctor or dentist. In that case the only option for those who need to replace a tooth is dental implant surgery.

Dental implants are artificial roots for a tooth that is placed in your mouth and attached to a replacement tooth or a bridge. They are rooted right into the gums. They look and feel completely natural, and those who receive dental implants often do not even notice a difference in their oral function after the surgery has healed. Dental implants are a great substitute for dentures and bridge work because they are secure, and do not feel or look like a replacement tooth.

If you ever fall into a situation where you have to get dental implant surgery you should make sure that you have dental insurance that covers implants. Dental insurance for implants does not always come with your dental insurance package. Dental implant surgery is usually very expensive. If you try to pay it by yourself, the payments might burn a hole into your budget.

Dental insurance that covers implants is any dental insurance policy that covers the cost of dental implants. Many dental insurance providers do cover dental implant insurance, but usually it is more expensive than the insurance without implant coverage, and there are many other things you need to take into account before signing up for the surgery.

There are some insurance companies out there that do offer implant coverage, but the problem lies in waiting periods. They might offer dental insurance that covers implants, but you have to be on the policy for a year or more before they will cover it. In addition to that, they will not cover implants due to any conditions you had before signing up for the policy. So if you lose a tooth before you sign up with the policy you will not be covered.

That is something that you must take into account, thus read any insurance policy precisely before you sign up. Once you find out a dental insurance that covers implants and it is entirely suitable to your needs, you can then see whether you can afford implant surgery or not.

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