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We offer affordable dental insurance plans for families, individuals and Small Businesses in Texas. While for individuals and families that have or are applying for medical coverage with some Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Plans a dental rider is available, one cannot get just the dental plan alone. United Health One by Golden Rule Insurance offers Texas residents benefit rich dental plans that you can get stand alone or with a medical plan.

Security Life Dental in Texas offers a solid dental indemnity plan ( indemnity means there is no network restriction) that has NO waiting periods, has a vision option and you can opt to extend you annual maximum upto $2000.


Cost of dental implants will vary quite a bit depending on where you live, the experience of the dentist, the amount of work needed for your teeth, the importance of the particular tooth and so on.

For example in Texas the Cost of dental implant is usually between $1800.00 - 2500.00 and the crown that goes on top of the tooth implant with an abutment kit is about $1200.00 - $2800.00. It really depends on where you live even in Texas. In Dallas, Houston the teeth implant cost would be higher whereas in the smaller towns it would be much less expensive. So the total would run you $3000.00 - $5300.00.

On the East coast of the US the abutment and crown will cost anywhere between $1,200-$1,800 and the tooth implant itself will cost anywhere between $1,200 - $2000 per tooth.

On average Cost of dental implant is $1,500-2,500 USD per tooth without the additional crown. But, depending on your teeth additional costs for things such as a posterior mandible or bone regeneration, sinus elevation, and wide diameter or narrow diameter implants can quickly escalate the costs involved to as much as $15,000 to $30,000 for the complete procedure for the upper or lower jaw.

It really does depend on the tooth. A front tooth or an important tooth like a molar will be much more costly than a tooth that is not that "important".

In Mexico, East European countries and India the Cost of dental implant is much cheaper than what you will pay in the US. The Cost of teeth implant can be less than half of what it costs in the US.

In the UK a single Cost of dental implant will be around £2000. Tooth implants will involves several trips to the dentist over a year or so. They have to screw metal screws into your bone and the gums have to heal before the implant can be fitted.

In the UK in the National Health Scheme you can get tooth implant only if you go to a teaching hospital and there is always a long waiting list for dental implants. A crown on National Health Scheme is £189.00 but most dentist only do it privately about £400.00. Cost of dental implant will be about £1500.00-£2000.

Check this dental implants resource that includes information about dental implant procedure, tooth implant treatment options, types of teeth implants, bone grafts, types of bone grafts for implants. It also features tons of articles on the pros and cons, dental implant and treatment costs, cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental veneers, dental bridges, dentures, braces and much more. Check out http://www.dental-cost.com for all dental implant information needs.

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