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Kaiser Health Insurance Plan Quotes
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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Plans for Individuals and Families



Do you need to see a doctor more frequently?

Do you have young children or planning a family?

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WHY A COPAYMENT PLAN? Copayment plans have set costs for care and enable you to know in advance your out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions or visits to the doctor. With our copayment plans, you have a higher monthly premium than with a deductible plan, but you pay a fixed copayment for most services from your first day of coverage.




Do you rarely need a doctor's advice? Do you want health coverage only for the big things?

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For the Deductible Plans
WHY A DEDUCTIBLE PLAN? With a deductible plan, your monthly charges are lower, but you're responsible for meeting a deductible before you're eligible to pay copayments or coinsurance for most care. However, you do not have to pay a deductible for some services. These are available for a copayment from your first day of coverage. And preventive care is covered at no charge.




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WHY AN HSA-QUALIFIED DEDUCTIBLE PLAN? If you enroll in an HSA-qualified deductible plan and open a health savings account, or HSA, you can save money, on a tax-free basis, for current and future qualified medical expenses.1

When you put money in your HSA, your contributions can be subtracted from your taxable income, your invested funds can grow tax free, and your withdrawals are tax free when used to pay for qualified medical expenses.



1Tax references relate to federal income tax only.

Comparing insurance companies health plans is a very important part of the process of choosing a health care provider. While you may believe that every insurer offers the same plans simply because they are named the same thing (HMO, PPO, POS, etc.), the truth is that each one has differences in their plans to set themselves apart from other insurance companies, so that they can hopefully get your business. If you aren't comparing the specific health plans before you make your purchase, you may be missing benefits that you need or a special offer that might just be a deal breaker for you.

Here are the specific points you need to review when comparing plans. Carefully read through every aspect of the plans that you are considering.

Look at both exclusions and provisions. If there is a chance you will need maternity coverage, look into that now. You do not want to discover in the midst of an illness, or pregnancy, that something vital is not being covered in your insurance.

Think about your current health and medications. You will want to consider options such as covering pre-existing conditions and whether or not you want to include a prescription plans. Families with small children and those with chronic illnesses tend to spend a lot on medications.

Do you have a doctor you love? Consider how much flexibility that you will need in terms of your doctor choice and when you can see a specialist. Plans with networks can tie you to specific providers.

Other things like optional dental and vision coverage can cost or save you a lot of money each year. Plus, your deductible, co-pays and premiums will vary from plan to plan. This can make or break the viability of plan if it doesn't meet your budgeting needs.

One of the most important aspects of comparing health plans is to compare the rates from different companies. This process allows you to quickly determine who has the most affordable plan available for you. You will also want to ensure that you use a third-party quote tool, as this will yield you independent results from multiple health insurance providers . Think you know what insurance company you want to use? Use a free quote tool first and see if they are truly giving you the very best offer possible.

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