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Kaiser Health Insurance Plan Quotes

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Plan Quotes

In Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia Kaiser Permanente offers some of the most sought after health insurance plans for Individual enrollees and Families. The plans are particularly favored by families because maternity / pregnancy coverage is included as well as preventive care. Kaiser's emphasis on attaining and maintaining a healthily lifestyle for its members has been the industries most successful model because this strategy has yielded positive results for both insured and insurer and has promoted the progression to a more symbiotic relationship between the two by minimizing costs for the insured and insurer and providing better health for the insured.

Though Kaiser plans in Maryland, Dc and Virginia are ideal for families, these plans offer exceptional coverage to young adults at very competitive rates. When comparing plans for health insurance always consider Kaiser Permanente offerings as well.

Kaiser Permanente has steadily expanded southward and is now, to the delight of many, in much of rural Virginia.

Kaiser Permanente has been consistently recognized for quality and performance in service delivery.


See what plans are available to you from DC, MD, and VA's Mid Atlantic Kaiser Permanente

Insurance is defined as transferring the risk of loss; here the insurer exchanges the premium, to pay the insured person a fixed amount of money, in case of any unexpected events happening. Insurance gives protection against any (financial) loss that could arise unexpectedly. It is important that everyone should take insurance because we do not know what happens the next minute. Life insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, travel insurance and medical insurance are some of the different kinds of insurance. Everybody wants to be fit, hale and healthy, because lots of unknown diseases keep arising day by day. Many people spend a lot on medical expenses. By becoming a member in any health insurance company, you could surely save your money.

There are many companies which offer various health insurance plans. The plan of each and every insurance company varies. Out of which, Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading Health Maintenance Organization in the United States of America. The headquarters of Kaiser Permanente is located in California.

Kaiser Permanente insurance company provides insurance coverage at affordable prices with good quality. Kaiser health insurance provides health care coverage within the state and anywhere within the world. Now, Kaiser Permanente is located in nine states, so the people can make use of their services. Kaiser Permanente insurance coverage includes Doctor Visits, physical examination of the body, surgery, emergency services, maternity and prenatal care, surgery, post-surgery care in hospital and medicines. They also provide you information on medicines, food and exercise.

Kaiser Permanente offers a range of individual and family health insurance plans; it is your wish to choose the plan which suits you. The plans in Kaiser fit your budget as well as your lifestyle needs. Kaiser Permanente provides:

-Quality care, where you can choose your primary care doctor to fulfill your personal health needs.
-Affordable care, it is your option to select the plan that suits your budget and you can manage your medical expenses.
-Convenient care, for the people who lead a busy life, have access to on-site labs, X-rays and pharmacy services and you also have access to health and drug encyclopedias, physician and facility directories, make routine appointments and can refill prescriptions anytime.

California Kaiser Health Insurance
Currently California Kaiser Health Insurance has 75,000 employees and it is a non-profit healthcare company. When selecting a health care insurance company, the following things should be taken into consideration. Budget is the first thing which should be always kept in mind. It is better to know how much it will cost to meet deductibles and also know about the availability of co-payment plans. It offers a variety of options for both individuals and families.

Why to choose Kaiser Permanente health insurance?The Kaiser Insurance Company offers healthcare needs at affordable rates. Kaiser insurance has high quality staffs and physicians who work together to maintain the health, throughout the various stages of life. Currently, Kaiser Health Insurance covers over eight million people in the world and it keeps expanding its coverage day by day.

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Kaiser Permanente is an integrated health care organization which is based in Oakland, California, founded in the year 1945 by an industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and a physician Sidney R. Garfield. Kaiser Permanente is an association of three distinct entities groups; the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and its regional operating organizations, the Permanente Medical Groups and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. As of 2006, Kaiser Permanente is operated in 9 states as well as in Washington, D.C., and this is the largest managed care organization in America. Kaiser Permanente has millions of health plan members, with thousands of employees, physicians, medical centers and medical offices with annual operating revenues earned in billions and a net income of $1.3 billion. The Health Plan and Hospitals operated under the state and federal not-for-profit tax status, while the Medical Groups are operate under professional corporations and for-profit partnerships in their individual regions.

Kaiser Permanente started at the height of the great depression with just one inventive young surgeon and a twelve bed hospital in the middle of Mojave Desert. When MD of Kaiser Permanente saw thousands of men occupied in building the Los Angeles Aqueduct, he also saw something else; a chance to offer health care for these working men. He borrowed money to construct Contractors General Hospital; six miles away from the tiny town called Desert Center and began to treat injured and sick workers. But the difficult part was financing and Dr. Garfield faced trouble obtaining the insurance companies to pay for his bills on time. And though not all of the workers had insurances, he refused to turn away any injured or sick workers. As a result, he was often not paid for his services and it wasn't long before the hospital's operating expenses were far greater than its income.

Today Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals has a single Board of Directors which is considered to be the ultimate governing body for Kaiser. The chairman of the Board is George C. Halvorson and he is the chief executive officer of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals. In this capacity, Mr. Halvorson is occasionally referred to as the CEO and chairman of Kaiser Permanente, even though he is not the director for any of the Permanente Medical Group boards or any of those organizations. C .Halvorson leads a national leadership team which manages hospital operations and health plans across all the Kaiser Permanente regions. The Board of Directors at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospital consists of fourteen members including Mr. Halvorson. Now Kaiser Permanente is administered through eight regions, this include one parent and five subordinate health plan entities with one hospital entity and nine separate affiliated medical groups.

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