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Short Term Health Insurance Plans

United Health One Short Term Insurance Plans for
PREFERRED Carrier Golden Rule Short Term Health Insurance  
United Health One ( Golden Rule) Short Term Health Insurance Quotes and Online Application - Get Covered by Tomorrow Texas, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Temporary Health Insurance Plans Golden Health Insurance by United Healthcare- Plans Short Term Health Plan for TX, GA, OH, VA, MD, MS, DE, MI Get Short Term Health Insurance Quotes For Maryland, Virginia , Texas, Delaware Individuals Families and Self Employed  Texas Short Term insurance, Georgia Short Term Insurance, Mississippi Short Term Insurance, Ohio Short Term Insurance , Michigan Shor Tern Insurance
Golden Rule Short Term Insurance is NOT Currently Available In Washington DC.




If you reside in Washington DC Please Apply for the Assurant Short Term Health Plan

Assurant Health Short Term Health Insurance Plan Quotes for Washington DC , Virginia and Maryland Only - Get Instant Quotes ASSURANT HEALTH Short Term Health Insurance Plans
Assurant Short Term Health Insurance Plan Quotes For Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Short Term Health Insurance Plans are a valuable source of coverage to those who are in need of urgent coverage. Coverage is normally effective upon approval by the next business day. Since most individual and family plans are underwritten, a process that may take upto six weeks, it is advisable to apply for a short term policy since these are usually very reasonable and offer almost instanteneaous coverage while you wait upon the underwriting to process.

Short Term Plans are also helpful while you are waiting for your employer offered group health plan to be effective. Depending on your employer's policy new hires may have to wait for a period , so much longer than others. If you do not have any other coverage or if your Cobra is too costly, you may want to consider temporary short term insurance for that period before you coverage starts.

While short term plans are very effective in the above mentioned cases and many others, these plans are not in anyway intended to replace normal permanent insurance plans. One will find that while the premiums are lower the underwritting is stricter and the benefits may be more limited.


Understanding Temporary or Short-Term Health Insurance. by Jimmy Wild

There are a variety of reasons that you may find yourself in the market for temporary or short-term health insurance. You may have graduated from college and can no longer be covered on your parent's policy, but don't have a job yet that will provide coverage. You may have lost or left your job and now need health insurance coverage until you find a new one. Or you may have started a new job and have to wait a period of several months before you are covered under their plan. Whatever the reason, going without health insurance coverage, even for a few months, can be a costly gamble. If you find yourself in this predicament, temporary health insurance coverage may just be the key to solving your dilemma.

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What Is Temporary Health Insurance Coverage?

It's basically just what the name suggests. Temporary health insurance coverage offers you the opportunity to continue to be covered under a health plan for a limited amount of time, usually one to six months, although there are plans out there that will cover longer periods of time. If you find you will need to be covered for more time than you originally thought, some temporary policies can be extended past their expiration date, but you may want to consider getting a more traditional health insurance plan instead.

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What Do These Plans Cover?

We do not mean to show some implication that health insurance have to rule the world or something like that. We only mean to let you know the actual meaning of health insurance!

Temporary health insurance plans cover most of the same types of medical occurrences that permanent policies do, but there are some very important differences.

For one, these plans are usually strictly indemnity plans. Preventative treatments like check-ups, as well as dental and optical coverage are generally not covered. Pre-existing medical conditions and work-related injuries or illnesses are also not covered.

Your temporary health insurance policy will generally cover any emergency medical care you may need, prescription drugs, hospital and intensive care needs, lab and x-ray needs, ambulance care, and even some in-home medical care.

How Do I Get It?

Your first step should be to find an agent that specializes in temporary health insurance. Decide in advance how many days or months you need the coverage and when you want it to start. Pay attention to the 'exclusion' clauses in the policy and ask questions about any concerns you may have. Review the application and make sure all your personal information is correct before you sign anything. Also, remember to get a copy of all paperwork for your files.

The cost of the temporary health insurance plan will depend on the type of coverage you pick. To keep the cost down, you can choose to have a higher deductible with a 50/50 co-insurance option rather than the more common 80/20 ratios. There are some extras that you may want to consider, though. With the high cost of prescription medicines, you may be better off buying the coverage rather than leaving it off.

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The important thing is to read through the temporary health insurance policy carefully and make sure you are being offered the coverage you think you are paying for.


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