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Massachusetts Health Insurance

Hillary Clinton and All the King's Men couldn't do it but the State of Massachusetts did it with out too much fuss. I'm talking about the new health insurance plan of course.

Congress sometimes acts like a hapless bunch of morons it seems. That's a good reason to keep the important things out of their hands. They spend more money and waste more time than any other entity on earth.

Look at the MedicareRx Plan designed by these geniuses. It gave billions back to the drug industry, confused the hell out of me and all other senior citizens, and leaves a big gap in drug coverage.


Maybe Congress should be adjourned immediately until this country can get back on its feet again. The adjournment would last until the special interest groups living in Washington-who are out to destroy our country-find themselves out of work and all have moved out of town. Congress is elected and controlled by special interest groups. It's time to return the government to the people.

Maybe it's time to return most powers to the states other than national defense and international relations. If congress could concentrate on that only, we would free ourselves of much of the current baloney. Mainland Security is a joke. Make each state responsible for their own interest.

We don't need the Federal Government to tell us how to run (and screw up) our local affairs. What we need is the money they gobble up and waste continually.

Are nation is broke. The needs of the people are not being taken care of. We are International dupes.

Doesn't something have to be done?

Well, Massachusetts has taken the lead. We no longer need a Federal health insurance plan. Let the states use the Massachusetts Plan or similar plan.

The federal government should go back to cleaning its closets.

The End

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John T. Jones, Ph.D. (tjbooks@hotmail.com), a retired college professor and business executive, Former editor of an international engineering magazine. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate University go to his info site. If you desire a flagpole to Fly Old Glory, go to the business site.

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
The Landmark Center
401 Park Drive
Boston, MA 02215-3326
(617) 246-5000

Number of Members : 2.4 million
Website : www.bcbsma.com

Service area: State of Massachusetts.

Fallon Community Health Plan
10 Chestnut St.
Worcester, MA 01608
(508) 799-2100

Number of Members : 185,000
Website : www.fchp.org

Service area: Eastern and central Massachusetts.

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
93 Worcester Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

Number of Members : 808,000
Website : www.harvardpilgrim.org

Service area : Network of more than 22,000 providers and 130 hospitals in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Health New England
One Monarch Place STE 1500
Springfield, MA 01144-1500
1-800 842-4464

Number of Members : 100,000
Website : www.healthnewengland.com

Service area : Western and central Massachusetts plus Hartford, CT.

Tufts Health Plan
333 Wyman Street
P.O. Box 9112
Waltham, MA 02454-9112
1-800-462-0224 (HMO)

Number of Members : 811,010
Website : www.tuftshealthplan.com

Service area : State of Massachusetts.



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