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Hawaii Health insurance

1. If you take advantage of phone med services you'd have done a lot to lower your health insurance costs. A phone med service operates 24 hours everyday and gives free medical advice.

You can trust the advice you get because they are manned by qualified personnel (usually a minimum of a registered nurse with at least ten years experience). Your local clinic is also another place you can get free medical advice by phone.

This, hopefully, should reduce the number of visits you make to a doctor even though it's not an alternative to doing so. The advice you get from them could also help you take precautions that will prevent a serious health condition.

For these and other reasons, take advantage of these free medical services.

2. You'll spend less on health care if you take advantage of no-appointment ambulatory care centers or Emergi-centers. This is especially true if you're generally healthy and find it a little difficult to pay for traditional health insurance. They cost far less than using an emergency room in a hospital.

Check to see if your community has a center like this.

3. You can reduce your Hawaii health insurance costs by taking advantage of free clinics. These are good opportunities for you to get professional medical advice and have routine check up. Some communities have such clinics and some may just be part of a group's social responsibility program.

4. You'll definitely get lower Hawaii health insurance rates if you take the time to get and compare quotes from up to five or more quotes sites. There is a huge disparity in the rates offered by insurance companies. If you don't do this you may end up paying as much as 70% more than you should.

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