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Skin Cancer Prevention
What Do You Know About Sunscreen, Vitamin D and Calcium? by Rudy Silva

Calcium is one of the most active minerals in your body. But what little know is that calcium requires vitamin D to be absorbed into your blood stream.
Close to 90% of the USA population is deficient in vitamin D, since very few foods contain Vitamin D. If they are deficient in vitamind D then they are deficient in calcium. This is why so many people have diseases - liver, kidney, heart, joint, respiratory, bone, nerve, nutritional - that are related to the lack of calcium.
So why do so many people lack vitamin D? Vitamin D is not found in very many foods and when it is in low quantities. Your body creates vitamin D but you must expose your body to the sun. The long you stay in the sun the more vitamin D you produce. But, you can also get vitamin D from supplements and some foods that are fortified with vitamin D
When UV light from the hits your skin, fatty acids or cholesterol in your skin are activated to create vitamin D and Inositol triphosphate, INSP-3. In 5 to 10 minute skin exposure to the sun, 20,000 units of vitamin D are created. This vitamin D quickly finds it way into your intestinal walls where it helps to pull calcium through its walls and into your blood stream. No matter how much calcium food you eat or calcium supplements you take, your will not absorb the calcium your body needs without a large supply of vitamin D.

When vitamin D is created by the sun, Inositol triphosphate is also created. Inositol triphosphate then finds its way into every body cell. There its function is to release calcium that is stored in your cells when your body is deficient in calcium. When your body is running short of calcium because you are not eating enough calcium foods or taking good calcium supplements, inositol triphosphate will activate the release of calcium from your cell walls.

Once you deplete the calcium in your cell walls, your body starts taking calcium out of your bones. After it weakens your bones, it starts getting calcium from protein that makes up your body cells. Cells start to deteriorate and malfunction. All of this activity eventually leads to serious degenerative diseases in the cardiovascular, joint, nerve, organ, and cell system. Since calcium is at work every where in your body, your whole body is compromised when you lack calcium.

Sun Screen and Vitamin D

With the hot days of summer, many people use sunscreen thinking they are doing something good for themselves. Most sunscreen is designed blocks UVB sun radiation, which allows your body to create Vitamin D. Some times they do not provide the block for the UVA radiation, which is responsible for sunburn and skin cancer. When you do need a good sunscreen make sure it blocks both UVB and UVA, since both UVA and UVB cause tanning and burning.

Here are some sunscreens substances that you need to avoid that are toxic chemicals.

Octyl methoxycinnamate or OMC
2-ethylhexylsalicylate (octylsalicylate)

salicylic acid 3,3,5-trimethcyclohexyl ester (homosalate)
Look for a more natural sunscreen. The chemicals they have will not become more toxic when the sun hits them as will the ones mentioned above.
Make sure you get enough sun shine at least 30 minutes a day, since most of your body is covered and only your arm and face my be exposed. This will creates plenty of vitamin D that is necessary for calcium adsorption. Use a vitamin D supplement, you can overdose on vitamin D. Vitamin D also creates Inositol triphosphate, which regulate and control calcium when calcium becomes deficient in your body. Use sunscreen on occasion and make sure it does not have toxin chemicals that get into your blood as you put them on your skin.


Rudy Silva, Nutritionist, has created a 7 month Natural Nutrition Course with weekly lessons. To find out more about how this course can help keep you free of disease or to eliminate any health issue you might have go to: Using Nutrition Course

Article Source: http://www.firstclassarticles.net



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