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List of Individual Health Benefit Companies

The following companies have met the statutory requirements to offer individual health benefit plans* under Idaho Code Title 41, Chapter 55. This list is for information only and should in no way be interpreted as a recommendation by the Idaho Department of Insurance.

Aetna Insurance Company (860) 273-7546
Primary Health Network, Inc.

(208) 433-4633 (local)
(866) 495-4633 (outside Boise)

Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc. (800) 627-1187
John Alden Life Insurance Company (800) 736-6762
Mega Life and Health Insurance Company (800) 733-1110
Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee (800) 733-1110
Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, Inc. (800) 632-2022
Time Insurance Company (800) 462-8463


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