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Annapolis Maryland Health Insurance Quotes By Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Coventry Health, United Health Care.
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We offer individuals, families and businesses located in Annapolis Maryland health Insurance quotes from the leading Health Insurance carriers in Maryland. While CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield offers Individuals and Families benefit rich and affordable health plans in Maryland, and is probably the most competitive in Maryland Group Health Plans. Coventry One that has its headquaters in Bethesda Maryland is offering what may be the most cost effective individual and family plans for Maryland ( The sweet spot for these plan is from the $1000 - $1500 deductible range). The new Coventry One plans have no deductible for generic medication and you only pay $25 for a non- specialist doctor office visit without having to deal with the deductible. Kaiser Permanente is still a favorite with families in Maryland and offers solid HSA plans that have good preventive care coverage before meeting the deductible. United Health One Health Insurance by Golden Rule offers Maryland residents great coverage that is very customizable, letting you specify the coverage level, office copay and addons like life and dental on most plans. Aetna offers very attractive group insurance plans in Maryland and Individual and Family Plans that provide very comprehensive coverage that includes maternity.
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Annapolis Maryland

Tips to Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Maryland DC and Virginia

Individual health policies are for those who are responsible for their own health insurance expenses. My best recommendation is that you have a Health Insurance Broker licensed in your state assist you make the best decision. The coverage you should choose is determined by your particular needs and those of your family.

Examples of specific considerations:
-Maternity and Fertility coverage
If your family is young and growing, you will want to consider a policy that includes maternity care from the onset. Blue Cross and to some degree Kaiser do offer plans that may provide fertility coverage.

-Prescription Plans
Some plans have prescription plans that only cover generic drugs while most do cover preferred brands. It is just good to know what you are going to get.

-Doctor Networks
Check and see if your doctor is included. Typically PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans provide the most freedom of choice and greater flexibility as compare to HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) . Traditional Plans or Indemnity plans do not have network restrictions.

-Preventative Care Packages
If you can opt for a plan that includes a preventative plan without having to first meet a deductible. Preventative Care usually includes Annual Physical, OB/GYN Exams, Mammograms, PSA screening and well child care.

-Dental and Vision are pretty important but do not allow these to disproportionately affect your Major Medical plan decision. If need be get them separately and focus on a health plan that is solid and that meets your needs.

Be diligent, compare plans and comb through the outlines of coverage. My little rule is that the better insurance companies have simple and easy to understand plans as opposed to those that present you volumes of literature and very little coverage.



Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield probably offers the most coverage for the best price in DC. The savings are pretty substantial.


Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield both serve Northern Virginia but their territories do not overlap. They both offer very comprehensive and competitively priced plans. Most Plans include a nice preventative package - Contact your broker to determine which side of the fence you are on. (HMO & PPO) Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts the biggest PPO network in the DC metro area.

Kaiser Permanente (HMO) offer very inclusive and competitive plans in this area too. This company's plans almost always include maternity for no extra cost.

Golden Rule (United Healthcare) also offers Health Plans in some Northern VA zip codes. Great PPO and HSA plans offered.


Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield offers very comprehensive and competitively priced plans. The majority of the Plans include the important preventative package. (HMO & PPO) Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts the biggest PPO network in the DC metro area. Do Consider the Blue Preferred Plan. The Blue Choice Saver plan offers great outpatient benefits at an affordable price . At the writting of this article, both the Blue Choice and BlueChoice Saver Plans in Maryland offer maternity benefits without addition premium.

Kaiser Permanente (HMO) offer very inclusive and competitive plans in this area too. This company's plans almost always include maternity for no extra cost. This is indeed a popular company in this state.

Golden Rule (United Healthcare) also offers Health Plans in Maryland. These plans are very competitive and the Network is large. Great PPO and HSA plans offered.


-CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield Families may realize substantial savings by submitting separate applications for each individual as opposed to a family application. The savings seem to be greatest for a two parent (adult)-one child family especially when there is a notable age difference between the parents (adult)

-Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield will accept domestic partner family applications.


Currently President Obama has been trying to change the way health care is approached in the United States. He is however, facing quite a bit of opposition in his ideas that the government should provide health care for all Americans. No matter what your stance is on President Obama's healthcare plan, we all realize that it is better to have Maryland health insurance than not and those people that have Maryland medical insurance tend to live longer and catch illnesses earlier than those people without it.

This article will discuss why it is so important to have health insurance in this country and why employers should do everything they can to offer that benefit to all of their full time employees even if the expense is high. If companies offered health insurance to all of their full time employees it would help them in the long run because their employees would tend to get regular checkups as well as go to the doctor when they are not feeling well which would reduce the time spend away from work because they would receive treatment earlier and therefore get better sooner.

Statistics show that people without health insurance do not get their health checked regularly and therefore are at a greater risk of having something that may have been prevented happen later on. The high expense of going to a doctor visit is why most people without insurance do not go to the doctor and this is something that should be changed as well. Costs of medical insurance as well as the cost of having health insurance all need to be made more affordable for Americans so they will take better care of themselves.

Another concern is that women without health insurance that are pregnant do not receive the prenatal care that is so important for their babies. There are many tests that are administered during prenatal visits to find out if the baby is growing well and may have any problems or defects that can be seen while in utero. If an expecting mother does not go to the doctor during her pregnancy she not only is putting her own health at risk but the health of her unborn baby as well. If she had insurance she could go to her regular doctors appointments by just paying a co-pay and get the necessary medical attention that she and her baby deserve.

If health care was made to be more affordable it would actually end up costing taxpayers less in the long run because the expense of having to pay for an uninsured patients medical expenses is so high. For example if a person with a high risk of heart disease had gotten the medications and care he would have needed from being able to afford going to the doctor then the possibility of having a heart attack and the surgeries after that could be avoided which would ultimately save money from avoiding the more extreme medical care. All Americans should be able to get the medical care they deserve.

Connor R. Sullivan recently hired an insurance expert to help with his firms Maryland health insurance offerings to his employees. The Maryland medical insurance gave him a lot of great advice.

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